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There is no love sincerer than the love of food. – George Bernard Shaw

If you are one such foodie who is looking to get more out of less, here’s a great opportunity. Take up the Burger King’s ‘My First BK Experience’ survey and earn a Free whopper or a Chicken sandwich of your choice. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? All you need is a receipt from your recent visit to Burger King, and a few minutes to spare of your valuable time.
Companies need feedback to understand the market and it’s an effective way for them to head in the right direction. So with one survey, you can help Burger King to provide a better experience and earn yourself a free meal. You can enter the survey any number of times, provided you have a unique receipt each time.

MyBkexperience Survey Guide:

Here we have given the requirements and clear survey guide for completing the survey successfully and winning the gift card or coupon.

Burger King
Burger King


Well, the below are the requirements to start the survey, have a look and proceed to the next step for survey steps.
To begin with, you need :
  • Receipt from your recent visit to Burger King.
  • PC/Mobile with a good Internet connection.
  • A pen to note down the Validation code.
Survey Steps :
  • Open the browser enter the official website address or click on the official website for the survey page.
  • If you want to change the language other than English, click on the language below on the page.
  • Enter the Restaurant number, which can be located on the front of the receipt and Click Enter.
  • Then you’ll need to enter the Survey Code which will also be available on your bill. Upon validation, it will redirect you to the next page.
  • Here you will need to take up the survey, answer a few simple questions which will be based upon your experience at Burger King
  • Upon the successful completion of the survey, you will be given a Validation Code. Take a note of it, and jot it down on the same bill if possible.
  • You can enter the survey any number of times, provided you have a unique bill from Burger King each time.
Important instructions :
The below instructions are to make sure because many of us forget things. After all, we are humans we forget things. So, the instructions to make sure that you don’t lose the gift card.
  • Once the Validation code is generated it will be valid only up to 30 days from the day of generation.
  • You can claim this offer only at the same restaurant, where the initial purchase was made.
  • Carry a copy of the receipt for the reference.
The questions asked will be very basic, they will be based upon :
  • The taste of the food.
  • Cleanliness and the ambiance at the restaurant.
  • Time is taken to present the order.
  • Friendliness of the staff.
  • How frequently you visit their restaurants.
  • The overall satisfaction with your experience at the Restaurant.

Top picks from Burger King :

  1. Whopper
  2. Crunchy Whopper 
  3. Double Fish ‘n’ Crisp 
  4. Double Mushroom Swiss Burger 
  5. Double Whopper Bacon Cheese Burger 
  6. Chicken Tendergrill 
  7. Spicy Chicken Crisp Bacon Cheese 
  8. Barbecue Bacon Cheese Burger 

About Burger King :

Burger King Corporation, restaurant company specializing in flame-broiled fast-food hamburgers. It is the second largest hamburger chain in the United States. In the early 21st century, Burger King claimed to have about 14,000 stores in nearly 100 countries. Headquarters are in Miami, Florida. Burger King was started in 1954 by James W. McLamore and David Edgerton in Miami. McLemore and Edgerton sold their first franchises in 1959, and Burger King soon became a national chain.

While BK began its foray into locations outside of the continental United States in 1963 with a store in San Juan, Puerto Rico, it did not have an international presence until several years later. Shortly after the acquisition of the chain by Pillsbury, it opened its first Canadian restaurant in Windsor, Ontario in 1969. Other international locations followed soon after. A large hamburger called the Whopper is Burger King’s signature product. The Whopper was introduced in 1957, at a time when its competitor McDonald’s was still selling only small hamburgers. The chain took a new direction by adding hot dogs to the menu in 2016.

Burger King has two of its own in-house national charitable organizations and programs. One is the Have It Your Way Foundation, a US-based non-profit corporation with multiple focuses on hunger alleviation, disease prevention, and community education through scholarship programs at colleges in the US. The other charitable organization is the McLamore Foundation, also a non-profit, corporation that provides scholarships to students in the US and its territories.

In various regions across the United States, Burger King and its franchisees have aligned themselves with several charitable organizations that support research and treatment of juvenile cancer. Each year, these coalitions hold a fundraising drive called “A Chance for Kids”, in which Burger King restaurants sell lottery-style scratch cards for $1. Each card produces a winning prize that is usually a food or beverage product but includes items such as shopping sprees or trips.

Customer Care:
For further queries, you can contact Burger King through following means –
  • Phone: 1866-394-2493
  • Mailbox: Burger King corporation c/o Service Management Group, 1737 McGee Street, Kansas City, MO 64108, the United States of America.
  • Website:

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